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Tourists have been jailed under the law. Homophobia and violent attacks have become more prevalent due to the anti-gay propaganda legislation.

A travel guide to Russia if you’re LGBTQI | Guide

Be careful when using gay dating apps in Russia. There have been cases of anti-gay Russian vigilante groups luring users out to be attacked or in some cases killed. The law may not be on your side if you are attacked. Elsewhere, gay scenes tend to be underground. You just need to know where to go. While not necessarily dedicated gay venues, some bars and restaurants have gay nights and events.

A word of warning: Also, be aware of possible police harassment around gay clubs and cruising areas in Moscow. Ultimately, while visiting Russia sounds like a scary prospect for LGBTQI travellers, there are plenty of opportunities for a great experience.

What It's Like Being a Gay Russian Asylum Seeker in America

More on the Guide The battle for gay rights in Australia began long before marriage equality A brief look back at the fight for the right to be. Signout Register Sign in. Be discreet and you can still have a gay ol' trip to Russia. Gay activists believe the real number is much higher and say the attacks have increased in the past two years.

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Since homosexuality finds little acceptance in Russian society, many gays keep their sexual orientation hidden from their families, friends and co-workers. This makes them easy extortion targets for criminals.

Vykhod spokeswoman Nika Yuryeva said most of the recent attacks have followed the same pattern as the one seen by the St. Petersburg economist.

Worldwide Protests Against Russia's Anti-Gay Law On Eve of Olympics

Alexander Loza , a legal adviser at Positive Dialogue, an organization that provides consulting services for gays, particularly those living with HIV, has heard similar stories. Alexander Zhelezkin , who manages outreach programs at Positive Dialogue, said the law was what made him decide to become a gay activist.

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For prominent television journalist Anton Krasovsky , however, that move ended his career in Russia. Krasovsky said it will be a long time before gays in Russia feel protected enough to speak publicly about their sexual orientation. The St. Petersburg economist, however, did go to the police.

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He spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity out of fear that his attackers, who know where he lives, would seek retribution if they learned that he had reported them. The criminal gangs that carry out such attacks are not necessarily antigay but have identified a profitable niche where they feel they can operate with impunity, Loza and Yuryeva said.

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All Rights Reserved. It might be best to stay off Grindr in Russia. Richard Ayoade and friend Greg Davies wisely show no affection in Moscow. Alexander Loza of Positive Dialogue, a group that advises gays, says victims fear going to the police. He was the first guy I ever held hands with in public. One grabbed at his collar, another tried to bear hug him from behind. So when I got the scholarship to study dance, I got in touch and he ended up letting me stay with him at his place in Queens for a few months.

Russian crime gangs exploit dating sites to blackmail gay men Associated Press Published 4: