Yahoo answers am i gay im dating a guy

Can A Gay Guy Date A Straight Girl????

I have to start looking at Yahoo Answers more.

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It seems like there is a lot of comedy gold to be found! There really isn't. These few are funny but generally the questions are stupid and the answers are either stupid or wrong. Sometimes you get a correct or funny answer but they are few and far between. So Lissen, yeh, I no enuff. Ill tell u wot 2 do - Just get up in her face and stuff, And ask her str8 up tru:.

What a pleasure to read of the dignified deed, And the chivalrous vision in sight - For the amorous state too persistent of late Has been lacking the courteous knight! Like yourself, I'm a man with an honourable plan, And a sense of the right and the wrong - A benevolent sage for a scandalous age, With a principled fortitude strong! I've traditional names for m'ladies and dames, But to answer your question as well My companion revered, with your wonderful beard -.

Alas, it seems it falls to me To speak the hardest truth - When lies sustain the purity, And innocence of youth. I'm sorry, kid; you'll never find, No matter what your age, The man you seek but in your mind, And on the printed page. Don't fret or fear or shed a tear, For here, upon this Earth - You'll find a finer equal, dear, In time, for what it's worth. How outstanding! How elating That I saw your question waiting - What a truly fascinating Query come to pass!

Any student here demanding Careful, clever understanding Profits from my keen, commanding, Expertise en masse! Here's my well-informed perspective, With regard to your objective - I'm your teacher , damned defective. Just wanted to say, I'm currently getting my Master's in poetry writing, and myself never really write in form or metered poetry - but your poetry skillz never cease to amaze me. I typically hate rhyming poetry because it is more often than not horribly written , but yours is always entertaining, diverse, and metered impeccably. I love rhyming poetry, and it saddens me a lot that it's mostly fallen by the wayside.

I think the reason is probably much the same that you hardly ever see really beautiful modern haikus - it's far too easy to do badly, while believing you've done it well because you met the obligations of the form.

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Have you ever done swing dancing? When you do it right there's this incredible sense of momentum , that makes every move feel so much more intense. I feel like good rhymed poetry is the same - tight, controlled, circling fluidity. At a guess, it's because beard hair is the same sort of coarse hair with similar spacing to pubic hair. Ok, now im curious, what significance did the battle of Trafalgar have for the naval trade in Spain? It's never the top answer unless things have changed.

The top answer is chosen by the asker so there will always be half a dozen "do your own homework" and one long essay that gets chosen.

What is absolute dating yahoo answers

Ah, but we were making the assumption that Yahoo Answers redirected to AskReddit, weren't we? Every time I eat dirt I get a rash on my upper thigh. What kind of dirt can I eat to get a rash on my genitals so my boyfriend will stop having sex with me? Asking for a friend. Can dog humps give ppl leg herpies? Why do lesbians use dildos if they don't like penises? If the lesbian likes girls because women know what women like, and they're soft and gentle. Seriously, I've never seen such soft-spoken text before.

I just want to give op a pack of smokes and a bottle of whiskey and say "get to work, son.

My Boyfriend Came Out as Bisexual, Now I'm Scared He'll Leave Me for a Man

No; sperm is more sterile than other body fluids, like saliva for example, and will not likely transmit his disease. From my rigorous medical training at the University of BJ, I have learned that oral treatment can often be the most effective, and the most rewarding. I just made the sex with her again and I need to kno if I just got my twins preggo to? Like is she gonna have 4 babies???? Pls advise". My sister had her first when she was Does it start later for me because I'm a boy?

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Yahoo Canada Answers. Thanks to popular sites such as Yahoo! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Brainwashed religious nut 1: Ziploc bags with cable ties. They wouldn't have sex cause the guy is GAY! He s also not out yet.

They need to put away insane mothers who kill their babies. Because these babies cannot fight back. On the news this morning [I saw a story about] a mother in Arkansas who killed her 3 children. But by far the most confusing thing is that, while essentially every grammatical rule of English is broken in that trainwreck, the semicolon is used correctly. They'd all get removed. We'd likely see the addition of new moderators, all tasked with monitoring posts. Possibly a new rule or changes to current rules to stem the tide of idiocy.

Almost all the the Yahoo Answers traffic would likely only result in a lot of people getting pissed off that their questions are getting removed.

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Nor is it a woman. Karmanaut is an AI created by the founders of reddit. If the lite from the sun our nearest star takes an 8 seconds to get here than arnt are clocks all 8 seconds slow? I once made the mistake of reading through that question-and-answer pairing when I was bedridden with a fever, and for a few brief moments, I became convinced that I could see the thought process of the person who had offered that now-legendary response.

See, at the time of the writing, the author had recently read a news piece about a deranged parent who had murdered her children. Then, upon reading the Yahoo Answers inquiry, they had fixated on the scenario and accidentally conflated the two. What followed was a bizarre and meandering mental trail in which the answer-giver suddenly believed themselves to be talking to father of the dead kids.

It made perfect sense at the time As a former Yahoo! Also, disturbing- why are you asking the freaking internet?! In the little over a year I have been here, I have never seen that question- not once. Do not want. So mi boifriend n I had sex with no condom many times. How can I convince him im not preg? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. AskReddit comments.

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Since when can someone turn straight when they date a girl? Noooo..? ha I'm just kidding. The only reason for a gay guy to be dating a woman it would be to use her as something we refer to as a "beard" he would be. In a few months/years when he decides to go out and date someone he My current guy is bi i guess i'm more attracted to men who like men.

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